NIS Celebrates 60th Anniversary, Organizes Enlightenment/Sensitization of the public Against Japa Syndrome.

NIS celebrates its yearly anniversary on August 1st and as part of the activities lined up to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Nigerian Immigration Service, NIS, in Zone ‘A’ command, Ikeja, Lagos on Tuesday embarked on a walkout from its office to the Bond FM through PWD and Ladipo respectively to sensitize and enlighten the general public on the dangers of the ‘japa’ syndrome currently going on in the country.

The ACG/zonal coordinator, K.A.Sadiq addressing the officers.

Japa is a slang, meaning traveling out of the country for a greener pasture. Other activities lined up for the celebration include a parade, lecture/public talk, cultural exhibition, sporting activities and dinner on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

Some of the officers displayed placards with different inscriptions. Some of them read: “Stop human trafficking, say no to illegal japaing”, “Together, let us stop human trafficking/irregular migration,” “If you must migrate, migrate regularly, orderly and safely.”

The ACG/zonal coordinator, K.A.Sadiq, at the PWD bustop, pleaded with the public to monitor their children closely and not allow them to fall victims to human traffickers. He maintained that there is nothing wrong with anybody wanting to travel abroad to seek greener pasture but that such a person should follow the right channel.

ACG Sadiq appealed to the public to always approach the NIS personnel for relevant information before making up their minds to travel.

In his words, “There’s an issue we need to address and that is the issue concerning our children, we have been hearing the story of Japa…japa, what is this japa all about? There’s nothing wrong in somebody japaing, there’s no sin in anybody trying to travel out of the country but you must have a reason why you have to japa.

“It is not the issue of somebody hiding somewhere and telling your children that the moment you travel out of the country, you will start picking money on the road. All is a lie….all is a lie. It’s all lies. In fact, you work more over there to be able to make that money they are talking about.

Many people, because they want to make money out of your children and my own children, they confuse then to the point of taking them out of the country.
“Some, they will go to the extent of giving them another name aside from the name you, the father or mother gave them.

You will see somebody whose name is Kehinde now bearing Kennyroger. At the end of the day, they go there to become public charge, some they will go to the extent of removing their organs without them knowing. We all heard the recent story that happened in the Uk where a Nigerian was involved in organ harvesting case.”

At the Ladipo bus stop, the message was re-echoed by the ACG Sadiq. He charged the drivers to help in the campaign against japa syndrome.

“If you have any question about traveling abroad, always ask NIS personnel for the right channel to follow. I always, pass here; you can stop me and ask me questions. You often carry persons in your buses and you listen to their conversations, help us pass this message that it is risky to travel without the right papers.

The chairman of Ladipo/Leventis Park, Mr. Lazarus Kumaga, responded,  he thanked the ACG for the message and promised to pass on the message to the general public.

However, a commercial bus operator at Ladipo asked the ACG to appeal to the federal government to address the root cause of the japa syndrome if they actually want to discourage people from the trend.

A representative from the NAPTIP also appealed to public in English and Hausa languages the danger of Japa, she however advised them not to travel abroad illegally. Her words, ” You must ensure you have your correct papers before travelling, dont travel illegally because in that process, terrible things might happen along the way, you may lost your life.

Also, a staff of the NIS appealed to them in Igbo native language the danger of Japa.

As they returned to the office, ACG Sadiq commended the officers who participated in the walkout and charged those who absconded to ensure that they participate in the subsequent activities, adding that as paramilitary personnel, they should participate in regular exercises to keep fit.

He commended the NAPTIP representatives for partnering with the NIS everytime, noting that “if we collaborate together, it will enhance national security.

The activities continue on Wednesday with parade.




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