The House of Representatives Committee on Anti-Corruption held A 2-Day National Anti-Corruption Colloquium: TAC ’24, Transparency- Accountability- Compliance.

A 2-Day National Anti-Corruption Colloquium: TAC ’24, Transparency- Accountability- Compliance was organised by House of Representatives Committee on Anti-Corruption National Assembly Complex on Thursday 25th & Friday 26th April, 2024 at the Eko Hotel & Suites Victoria Island, Lagos State, facilitad by Focal Insights Management Services.

Prominent Personalities present at the Colloquium were;

Governor of Lagos State, His Excellency, Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu
ably represented by his Deputy, Dr. Kadiri Obafemi Hamzat

Rt. Hon Prince Moshood Akiolu( Chairman House  Committee in Anti-Corruption)

Hon.Muhammed Dan Abba Shehu ( Deputy Chairman House Committee on Anti- Corruption)

The Hon. members of the Anti-corruption committee include;
Hon. Alexandra Mascot Ikwechegh
Hon. Nkwonta Christian
Hon. Esin Martin Etim
Hon. Okafor Dominic Ifeanyi
Hon. Aliyu Aminu Garu
Hon. Ebikake Marie Enenimiete
Hon. Ojema Ojotu
Hon. Midela Usman Balami
Hon. Peter Akpanke
Hon. Mutu Nicholas Ebomo
Hon. Iduma Igariwey Enwo
Hon. Omoruyi Murphy Osaro
Hon. Olushola Steve Fatoba
Hon. Nnaji Nnolim John
Hon. Abdulfatai El- Rasheed
Hon. Abubakar Maki Yalleman
Hon. Abdulkarim Hussaini Ahmed
Hon. Abdulhakeem Kamilu Ado
Hon. Abdullahi Balarabe Dabai
Hon. Garba Koko Salisu
Hon. Abdulanakeek A.Danga
Hon. Aluko Ahmed Yinka
Hon. Oluwaseyi Ayopo Sowumi
Hon. Ari Abdulmumin Mohammed
Hon. Mohammed Jamilu
Adeji S. Gideon                     (Clark)
Abeng Chinyere Henshaw (Deputy Clerk)

Hon.Justice Olayinka Faji, Chief Judge of the Federal High Court of Lagos

Rear Admiral Suleiman Abdullahi ably represented the Chief of Defense Space Agency

Oba of Lagos, Olowo Eko, His Imperial  Majesty, Oba Riliwanu Osuolale Aremu Akiolu the first, ably represented by Chief Lateef Aderibigbe Ajose, Opeluwa Onido of Lagos and other white cap Chiefs

High Chief, (Prince) Ayodele Oyekan, Bajulaye of Lagos

The EFCC Chairman, Mr Olanipekun Olukoyede ably represented by Mr Michael Wetkas Ag. Zonal Director, Lagos State Command

Commander Fire Service, ACG Chika Njoku and other notable individuals not mentioned.

Goodwill messages from High Chief, (Prince) Ayodele Oyekan, Bajulaye of Lagos and Commander Fire Service, ACG Chika Njoku.

A welcome Address by Rt. Hon.(Prince) Kayode Akiolu, part of his speech read. ”  This day National Anti-Corruption Colloquium, who is Part of our nation’s ongoing to rein in the monster of endemic Corruption. There can be no doubt that corruption is a huge burden on the neck of any nation. History shows that it is only nations that  successfully shake off this massive load that can march to a dawn of real growth of genuine  greatness.

“Nigeria is a great country and is widely acknowledged as such world over. It is the biggest economy in Africa and the largest market on the continent. The country has also  provided exemplary leadership in the comity of nations. However,  the painful truth remains  that, considering our enormous  potential, we have underachieved and underperformed.

“Recently, a member of the Osun State House of Assembly wrote to the National Assembly, advocating that laws be passed to make Corruption punishable by death like what obtain in some other countries like Asia. This suggestion is not new at all, but we need to Properly interrogate this and other like it, this April, the issue of making corruption a capital offence returned to the front  burner globally. A Vietnamese real estate tycoon was sentenced to death for corruption about  two weeks ago, apparently, the death penalty has been for corruption in Vietnam for several years.


” Yet, it does not seem to have had the desired deterrent effect. So, why stick to a solution that is not effective?.It is for this reason that we should steer away from simplistic solutions and knee-jerk reactions because corruption us a very complex issue, we must approach it thoughtfully and smartly”.

The Chairman house Committee on Anti-Corruption speaking further, ‘ The Federal Government has been setting  the pace as expected.  It set up
anti-corruption units in various federal ministries, departments and agencies with a mandate to check corruption I  their domains. Regratebly, these units have not been working as they should. It is hoped that they will be rejigged and  reactivated for optimal performance. That us one of the aim of this event.

“There is some progress in the fight against corruption by the government of President Bola Tinubu, the key anti-corruption agencies have received a new boost  and renewed focus. In the House of Representatives, the Honorable Speaker and the entire House are commited to give legislative backing to the fight against corruption.

“We need to bring corruption to its knees, so that our country can rise to its  full height.”

The program was declared opened by the deputy governor of Lagos State, Dr.
Kadiri Obafemi Hamzat in his Keynote address.

In the paper Review Discussion,
The Chairman of House Committee on Anti-Corruption, Hon. Kayode Akiolu on Thursday, called for collaboration with the members of the public in the fight against corruption in Nigeria. Noting  that collaboration is the key.

He, however stated that transparency, accountability and compliance are essential tools to wage war against corruption through collaboration with government agencies and legislative reforms.

Reassuring the members of the public, civil society organisations of robust engagement in the discharge of the committee’s duties, Akinolu said the committee won’t evade responsibilities, but ensure they monitor and assess all efforts aimed at exterminating corruption from Nigeria.

During the questions and answers section, the Chairman stated on how the committee are working on the open door policy. “As the head of committee am here not witch hunt or maligning anyone, because power is transient, some petitions forwarded to the commitee 60% are malign so how do you expect me to sign or act ? If not properly investigated. At times some civil society write petitions that I refused to act, and sometimes I defended myself when the speaker asked why i refused to act accordingly.
After politics life continues and they will begin to see you as an enemy”.

“Also, the engine room of a country are the civil servants and is even better if you have a clean record, by declaring your asset, so that you wont be afraid of the EFCC Or ICPC.I will only investigate conduct and that is what matters.


The Chairman house Committee on anti- corruption, while responding to questions from the audience on the issue of price control in Nigeria, we must note that two notable activities (one judicial and the other regulatory) occurred then.They related to price control and or price fixing as a governmental response to high inflation and the rising cost of living in the country.

Price control in Nigeria was first introduced by the military government in the 1970s but, with the liberalisation of the economy over the subsequent decades, it became largely otiose. The enabling law, the Price Control Act is, however, subsisting as it has not been repealed.

The 1977 law by its Section 4 legally permits the use of price controls on controlled commodities in the country. The Act creates the Price Control Board as well as a Price Control Committee for each state in the country. Price control over years has become largely otiose, although the government is still fixing price floor.


He however noted that Price control is a serious issue and is being monitored by government agencies. Because of the inflation and skyrocketing of goods, the government has summoned manufacturer to a meeting to see how to effect price control. However, the Price Control Board, which is responsible for overseeing price control, has the authority to add or remove certain controlled commodities.

Mr. Michael Wetkas in his assertion on the issue of government officials embezzling funds. ‘You as government officials dont wait to be told what is right. The right value is our conscience. We must talk to our conscience, if we are on the right track. Running out of executive order can you prove your self right? Is the oversight function carried out with clear conscience?.The civil servants are the bedrock of corruption in our country’.Check names of civil servants that are corrupt in the country. While the whistleblowers are there, ready to expose them.”


He, however added that Asset Declaration is to prevent corruption and to help strengthen integrity in public administration. The ICPC’s mandate focuses on government/public service related corruption, the EFCC can investigate offences committed before its establishment, while the EFCC has the power to investigate and prosecute all economic and financial crimes, cybercrime and other crimes.

Budget padding is a persistent corruption, act of illicit enrichment of limited funds, making the budget proposal higher than actual expense in a fiscal year. The Chairman House Committee on anti- corruption, while responding to a question on budget padding said, There must be proof of budget padding, money exchanging hands, but there was no proof to that effect. In the court of law there must be evidence.

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