Visa Ban: Emefiele Says UAE Cannot Blackmail Nigeria.

The CBN governor said Nigeria has over the years prioritized the foreign airlines in allocation of Fx, adding that instead of bearing with the country, some countries are threatening to ban Nigerians.

“You will be saying either you are cancelling your visa to Nigerians or that you will not fly again because your funds are blocked.

“We used our discretion to allocate $265 million dollars to the foreign airlines, broken down into spot and forward. We did $110 million on the spot and the rest in 60days forward.

“On that day, we allocated to IATA $32 million through UBA. Qatar Airways, $22.8 million through Standard Chartered, Emirates, $19.6 million through Access Bank, British Airway; $5.5million through GTB, Virgin Atlantic, $4.8 million through Zenith and others,” he said.

Reacting to the matter, Boma Goodhead, a lawmaker from Rivers State, said Nigeria has no reason to fret over the visa ban. She stated that the UAE benefits more from Nigeria.

She stated that if the UAE is allowed to stay for one year without tourists from Nigeria, they will change their minds.

Paulos Legesse, Emirates Manager for Nigeria, said the airline is not familiar with the visa ban, however, the country will suspend its operation in Nigeria on October 28 over the inability of the country to retrieve its funds.

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