The brave Police officer who captured Lawrence Anini.

One of the most notorious armed Robber ever known in Nigeria apart from Dr. Oyenisi was a man simply known as Anini in Benin, capital city of Edo State.

He reigned as a terror for about two years and he sent shivers down the spines of people in the neighbouring states including Lagos.

But as mysterious as he was, he was captured by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Kayode Uanreroro. He was captured along with his friend-in-crime, Monday Osunbor

In the annals of Nigeria’s history and in the book of heros of the Nigerian Police, emerged the legendary figure of Olukayode Aigbologa Uanreroro, a towering torch of courage and dedication.

Born on October 1, 1941, he was a man of remarkable stature, standing over 6 feet tall with a physique reminiscent of a sculpted warrior.

Educated in Ilorin and Oyan Grammar School, Osun State, Kayode Uanreroro’s journey began as a teacher in Arigidi Akoko, Ondo State.

However, fate steered him towards a different path, an illustrious career in law enforcement with the Nigeria Police.

His pursuit of excellence knew no bounds. Enrolling in the Nigeria Police, Uanreroro underwent rigorous training, honing his skills both within the country and abroad, including an esteemed stint at the revered Scotland Yard in the United Kingdom.

It was under the directive of the renowned Inspector-General of Police, Muhammadu Gambo Jimeta, that Uanreroro etched his name into history.

Tasked with a momentous assignment, he led the charge in apprehending the notorious criminal, Lawrence Anini.

On that fateful day, December 3, 1986, armed with bravery and a crack team of ten, Kayode Uanreroro executed a daring operation.

Acting swiftly on local intelligence, they stormed No 26, Oyemwosa Street, Benin City, a den where Anini lurked in hiding and seized the fugitive by surprise.

This audacious feat catapulted Uanreroro to national acclaim, hailed as a true hero throughout the country.

His valorous act led to a celebratory wave that echoed far and wide, recognising his unflinching commitment to justice.

Post-retirement, Uanreroro ascended to the esteemed rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police, a testament to his tenacious dedication and exceptional service to the nation.

His legacy, carved in the annals of the Nigerian Police and the law enforcement community remains an inspiration, a testament to the indomitable spirit of a man who fearlessly pursued justice, leaving an indelible mark on the nation’s history.


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