Fouani’s MD : How Primate Ayodele Foretold Kidnap Of Important Personalities In May.

Few months after kidnappers operations reduced in Nigeria, there has been a renewed operation with the abduction of the Managing Director of a famous electronics distribution company, Fouani Nigeria Limited, along with three Lebanese while travelling by boat in Lagos yesterday.


Abducted Managing Director of electronics distribution company, Fouani Nigeria Limited


The captives, whose names have not been ascertained, were said to be travelling through the Lagos waters from Apapa to Victoria Island when the kidnappers struck. It was also disclosed that the abductors had reached out, demanding a $1.5m ransom.

This is in fulfillment of the prophecy of Primate Elijah Ayodele which he shared in the month of May warning security operatives to stay on alert and change their strategies in fighting terrorism as he foresaw a rise in kidnap operations.

The prophet who has been warning Nigeria’s security chiefs about terrorist attacks and even advised them to build three strong towers, made it known that the best way to curb insecurity is by acquiring drones. He revealed that kidnap operations would be on the rise and it will involve important personalities.


These were his words;


“Kidnappers will rise again in the next few months and it will involve important personalities. The government will take a bold step to get drones to fight all of these.’’

‘’The method of fighting terrorists will be changed with the acquisition of drones in the country. They should act on it fast and take it seriously because of dangers coming towards our security structure; it will help the country to be free from terrorism and banditry.’’

Just one month after his prophecy, the first kidnap operation involving very important personalities was carried out with the abduction of Fouani’s MD, Mohamed Fouani.

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