With my career spanning close to three decade in the media with half of it dedicated to covering religion issues, I am acquainted with a lot of Preachers, Prophets, Bishops, Apostles, Archbishops etc and I can say their attitude and style are not different from each other except for few who strife to live a distinct exemplary life style. Nigeria and Africa at large are not strange to Prophets and their prophecies. This set of people to say top the chart among rank and files of leadership in the Christendom. In Nigeria, many Prophets have come and gone and many are still rising on daily basis.


Primate Elijah Ayodele

In the past, Nigerians have witness the likes of Primate Olabayo who dazzles the world with his prophetic acumen. The Prophet Oshitelu’s, the late Prophet Adewole and Primate Ayodele who indisputably is still the only man standing among those men. I came across, Primate Ayodele, T.B Joshua, Prophet Tibetan, Prophet Wale Olagunju in the early year 2000 as a young editor of a soft sell Journal. In the subsequent year I met Prophet Okiki Jesu, Primate Akeju, Prophet Bisi Olujobi and host of others whom I share close relationship with till date. If we are to write on religion, I can say emphatically that I know most of the history of virtually all religious Preachers today in the country, but Primate Ayodele whom I refer to as the undisputable king of Prophecies is different in all ramifications among them.

Primate Ayodele Elijah Babatunde has been in the prophetic ministry since 1993. During this period, Primate Ayodele came into limelight when he gave prophecies that General Abacha will not witness year 2010, when the later was unveiling his vision for year 2010. Thereafter, Primate Ayodele was the only Prophet then who saw clearly that MKO Abiola would not ascend the Presidential throne and that his wife Kudirat Abiola would be sacrificed on the altar of politics which all came to pass. Primate Ayodele who enjoys considerate patronage of the media since then is still available till date churning out accurate prophecies for Nations, Organizations and Individuals when others have all gone under.

In the year 2006, Primate Ayodele made a shocking revelation which became a sensation in the tabloid then, that president Yaradua was going to die in office. Few months after the prophecy the president died in office and this made me put a close observation on the man Primate Ayodele as what manner of man is this?. Primate Ayodele today stands atop in the prophetic ministry, a calling which he has served distinctively and he needs to be applauded. The Prophetic ministry will continuously be gracious for having a steadfast diligent and innovative servant like Primate Ayodele who has turned the Prophetic ministry around with others following.

Primate Ayodele with the respect he commands has broken the jinx that Prophets are not honored in their own country. Primate Ayodele remains the first to launch a Prophetic book which serves as a spiritual catalyst to Nations, Organizations and Individuals, etc. Our own Primate is indeed the undisputable king of the prophetic ministry as it stands today.

Prince Ayo Adegboye is a Public analyst and a Publisher. He can be reached through cityplusmedia57@gmail.com

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