CP Adegoke Fayoade Meets the Security Stakeholders in Area E, Festac Town. Harps on Security Consciousness, Breaking Down Barriers Obstructing Peace and Security in Lagos State.

The Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Command, CP Adegoke Mustapha Fayoade continues his  familiarization visit to the security stakeholders in Area E Command Festac Town on Thursday, 16th May under the watchful eye of the Area E Commander, ACP Eburaja.


  CP Adegoke Fayoade at the meeting

Among the dignitaries present at the gathering were;

The Seriki of Lagos State

The Seriki of Amuwo Odofin

The President, Amalgamated Union Alaba Int’l  Market, High Chief Camilus Nnamdi Amajuoyi

Former President of ASPMDA,

Chief Daniel Oforkansi

President, Stakeholders Forum.
Chief Eric Ilechukwu

President Balogun Business Traders Association Trade Fair Complex, Mr Oscar Paul Ilechukwu,

Former PCRC Chairman, Area E Command, Alhaji S.B A Ogunlana

Current PCRC Chairman, Area E   Rotarian  Anthony Tunde Williams (JP)
Ambassador of Peace & Security

PRO PCRC Area E Command, Mr Philip Uzor

Leader Ethnic youths, Max Leo Obasi

CSO Intelligence Group, Mrs Omalicha

Mr Ayodele from Oribe LCDA

Mr Charles Oguntoba Starjen hotel Okokomaiko

Chairman Amuwo Odofin LCDA,
Mr Samson, some other PCRC stakeholders and other notable dignitaries not mentioned

Alongside CP Adegoke Fayoade, were ACP Intelligence, Joseph Jayeoba, Provost of the Command CSP Ifeanyi,   Lagos State Command PPRO, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the host, the Area Commander Area ‘E,’ ACP Eburaja, all the Divisional Police Officers and other officers in Area E Command.

 The PPRO, SP Benjamin Hundeyin introduced the Commissioner of Police in citation to the stakeholders.

The Commissioner of Police Lagos State, CP Adegoke Fayoade has taken up the mantle as the new Commissioner of Police in Lagos State. Promoted to this prestigious post in September 2022, CP Adegoke Fayoade is known for his exemplary dedication and commitment to the Nigerian Police Force.

He participated in numerous local and international training courses. Proving his dedication to fighting crime, CP Adegoke has been honored with the Meritorious Award on Crime Fighting from the Crime Reporters Association of Nigeria on two occasions.

In addition, the National Association of Nigerian Students recognized his efforts with the Youth Motivation Award.

CP Adegoke’s has previously served in Taraba, Akwa-Ibom, and Abia States,  His postings include Commandant of the Police Training College in Oyin-Akoko, Ondo State, and his role as Area Commander at the Ota Area Command in Ogun State, where he received the esteemed Distinguished Service Award from the Oto Awori Community.

CP Adegoke has served as DCP Maritime Command in Lagos, as well as DCP Administration at Zone 2 Headquarters in Onikan, Lagos. He also served as the DCP of the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) in Lagos. He was also DPO Ajao Estate and DPO ilupeju Division.

The purpose of his farmliazation visits is to bolster the security Architecture of Area E Command.

The Area E Commander, ACP Eburaja in his opening speech, welcomed all the security stakeholders, he also welcomed the Commissioner of police on behalf of the DPO’s and officers of Area E Command. He however noted  the Command comprises of 7 Divisions namely Festac, Sattalite, Trade fair Onireke, Ojo, Okokomaiko and Iba Divisions, the command is blessed with two international markets, namely, Ojo International Market and Trade fair Complex/Aspanda/ Articles markets.

ACP Eburaja delivering his speech.

He, however stated that the Command has people with different cultural backgrounds, multi-religious ethnicity and a famous Institution, Lagos State University (LASU) Ojo. The officers have been carrying out their Operational activities successfully with the compliance of the Police force. The Area Command is lacking patrol vehicles and this applicable to other Divisional Headquarters in Area E command.

The PCRC Chairman Area D, Rotarian   Tunde Williams on his own part emphasised on the importance of patrol vehicles, the Police Command should give out enough patrol vehicles to aid the police officers to carry out their Operational duties. Though the PCRC are supporting the Area Command to refurbish some broken down patrol vehicles.

In addition to that, patrol vehicles should be stationed at every black spots and vulnerable area, where people are being attacked, this will foil the plans of those criminals from carrying out their evil operations and also scare them away.

The PCRC Chairman also mentioned Onireke PCRC Chairman donated a Sienna car, Chairman Trade fair  donated a very big hall, Ojo Chairman  donated electrical equipments, PCRC built a block of office, Chairman Iba donated toilet building and painting, Chairman Festac donated large sum of money, Chairman Okokomaiko donated block of office and a patrol van.The PCRC Chairman  appealed to the Government to hasten the Badagry Express road construction work.

The Seriki of Lagos while speaking, advised that proper checking is very  important to be conducted on dispatched riders, ambulances and garbage vehicles, reason that they might be conveying illegal weapons or items.Though the area is calm, he urged the police to partner with traditional rulers.

Waziri of Amuwo Odofin commended the Area Commander and all the DPO’s in Area E Command for their  proactiveness.


Some stakeholders at the meeting

The former PCRC Chairman Alhaji S.B.A  Ogunlana complained that some criminals are using the uncompleted buildings as their permanent residence in Ojo and this stance as a threat to people residing in that  particular area.

High Chief Nnamdi Caminus, Chairman Alaba Amalgamated Union suggested that criminals, who are residing on these uncompleted bridges along the expressways are dangerous criminals should be eradicated to avoid criminal attacks.

High Chief Nnamdi Caminus, Chairman Alaba Amalgamated Union addressing the stakeholders at the meeting

Moreover, there should be regular raiding to frustrate and scare them to run away. Also on the road construction, Alaba roads are totally bad, to the extent that containers conveying goods sometimes fall and and goods worth millions destroyed and the expressway no exit route, no U-turn until one moves yonder. Government should come to our aid and renovate our bad roads.

Former President of ASPMDA,
Chief Daniel Oforkansi also complained about traffic robbers from Agboju Alakija, Fin Niger, ile epo to Dantata. He called for security Peace meeting every two months and the stakeholders must assist the Police. Patrol vehicles and man power must be provided to make their work more effectively.

Former President of ASPMDA,
Chief Daniel Oforkansi addressing the stakeholders at the meeting.

Maxi Leo Obasi spoke on the issue of drug Abuse among the youths, the rate at which youths are taking drugs is so alarming, Police should take a deep look into that aspect. Youths must be engaged. In addition, he commented  on regular redeployment of DPO’s which doesn’t go well, before they could settle down to understand the area they will be transferred again.


Some DPO’s and stakeholders at the meeting

Mr Samson, Chairman Amuwo Odofin LCDA Festac, mentioned that some buildings in Festac are high gated and sometimes they refused to open their gates even while banging the gate.  But the building can be suspicious and the gate man even refused to  open the gate. In that case, what should we do?

The commissioner of Police Lagos State, CP Adegoke Fayoade responded to many of their questions, he however commended them for continuously supporting the police. While noting that in abroad police are being supported.

He added. “Ambulances, dispatched riders refuse waste vehicles conveying illegal goods in Lagos State must be arrested they must be thoroughly inspected, as many of them are criminals that is why we clampdown on okada in Lagos because they are using it to rob law abiding innocent citizens.

The CP intensified on security as the Police will continue to discharge their duties optimally. We will ensure that in the next two weeks, there wont be crime in those are areas mentioned. Also those residing on the pedestrian bridges are criminals attacking and robbing innocent citizens would be apprehended.

Speaking further,  the issue public assaults, CP urged the officers to walk away from troubles, exhibit high level of tolerance, Police officers must have shock absorber, exhibit the best character, police need to be respected as well, respect is reciprocal.

Moreso, relationship with the members of the public must be cordial, crime information is very important to eradicate crime the areas.

The CP added that the Area Commander, Eburaja must have regular briefing with his DPO’s in order to conquer any security challenges.” We  know their hideouts, they have been bombarded and the Command have arrested criminals in a very large number we will continue to attack them time to time”

Also, he mentioned the issue of drug abuse, he said the fault is from their upbringing, their families, parents must check their children to know what they are doing, he urged the members of the public to report  such incidents to the police.
” Let’s fight the case together the issue of drug Abuse cant be fought by the police alone. So, anywhere you see drug addicts call the Police or report, we collaborate with NDLEA, we know too well that FESTAC is notoriously known for drugs Abuse. Map up strategy to arrest the issue, we must fight it with high level of doggedness.
The CP noted the issue of bad roads and the construction road at Badagry Expressway ,he said he will take the matter to the notice of the government.

Cultism is another issue in Sattalite town, Agric area of Ojo, the CP has deployed his tactical men to handle the cult boys and they have all gone to hiding. He also mentioned that Traffic robbery is a thing of the past, there is sanity. He ordered all the DPO’s to handle the issue of road traffic in their areas and to ensure all the black spots are totally eradicated, to make sure that the patrol vehicles are readily available, placed on strategic locations and the standard must continue, so that members of the public would go about their normal businesses without fears. Law of wondering about is no more.

The CP told the DPO’s to mount road blocks to strict vehicular movement and to reduce crimes.

Conclusively, CP Adegoke gave an order to break down the gate of anybody denying access to their houses,  because it calls for suspicion,
that means they are hiding something, call the police in case of such incidents and the police will  properly investigate.

CP Adegoke Fayoade in the office of the Area Commander with some stakeholders

“We are commited to safety and security, therefore criminality will be eradicated in all parts of Lagos State’.

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