The Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA) is set to inaugurate a call centre with toll-free lines for providing timely assistance and information to road users while also enabling them to report incidents or misconduct by agency personnel on Lagos roads.


Hon. Sola Giwa, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Transport


According to a statement by Mr Adebayo Taofiq, Director, Public Affairs and Enlightenment Department of LASTMA, noted that Hon. Sola Giwa, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Transport, highlighted that this initiative aims to enhance LASTMA’s reputation and restore public trust in the Agency.

While speaking to Lastma Senior Officers at Oshodi, Hon. Giwa emphasized the centre’s role in promoting professionalism among agency officers when interacting with the public.

The call centre with lines toll-free lines will feature over 10 responders dedicated to addressing traffic management issues and complaints from motorists. “We will introduce dedicated toll-free phone lines for individuals to report any road-related incidents or emergencies,” Hon. Giwa stated, underscoring the importance of community engagement in improving road safety.

Moreover, the Special Adviser confirmed that the call centre will accommodate communication in pidgin and Yoruba, in addition to English, to ensure accessibility for all residents.

Monitoring and prioritizing feedback will be central to the agency’s operations, especially in addressing instances of officer misconduct. Hon. Giwa encouraged the public to provide feedback not only on negative experiences but also to commend exemplary conduct by agency personnel.

In line with its commitment to stakeholder engagement, LASTMA will continue discussion with Community Development Associations and transportation sector representatives to foster collaboration in improving traffic management across the state.

Hon. Giwa reaffirmed the agency’s dedication to facilitating the smooth flow of goods and services on Lagos roads, citing recent training of up to 300 Cadet Officers to bolster its operational capacity.

Urging officers to uphold values of empathy, sympathy, and humility, Hon. Giwa emphasized the Agency’s duty to prioritize the safety and well-being of road users.


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