Chief Sunny Kampala a Stupendous, Classical African Highlife Musician.

Chief Sunny Kampala, whose real name is (Sunday Okongwu) is a high life, classical,   captivating  masterful songwriter, a mellifluous Africa highlife music genre, strong and energetic with highly talented copious amounts of songs.

           Chief Sunny Kampala

In a brief interview with Chief Sunday Kampala, (Sunday Okongwu) at Franco Villa, is from Amadim-Olo Ezeagu in Enugu State.

He spoke about his life as a young boy.

“I began my musical career at a very tender age, my both parents were musicians both late now, opposed my musical career, believing that musicians are unserious, drunkards and womaniser. They said I must study a noble course but not music.
So, because of this, I ran away from my home town and fled to Lagos, where I started my musical career fully.

‘I came to Lagos in 2001, my younger brother said I should learn films marketing at OC ventures,  Idumota. I always listen to music and jot down songs. So, oneday as I was coming from Idumota I  saw people gathered playing music. Right from there, I started moving about playing music and I recorded my first Album at the studio titled; ‘ IGBOS SUPPOSED TO RULE THE COUNTRY ‘ the sing didn’t go viral as such.

‘In 2007, I released another song, but this one was my hit song it went viral, titiled ‘IGBO IS THE ROOT OF NIGERIA’   The song made me very popular. After that, I produced more songs and getting more famous by the day in the music industry.

   Chief Sunny Kampala on stage

‘Well, I dont have any regrets, I am aiming higher, I have much  expectations at the same time thanking for where I am today.

Speaking further, ‘I derived the name ‘Kampala’ after a largest city, the capital of Uganda. My friends started calling me by that name. Many songs are credited to Kampala. Actually,  I can play drums very well. My candid advise to the people is to be focused pursue your dreams, dont let anything distract you. Be sincere, be contempted, rejoice with people making progress, don’t gossip, don’t be jealous of people,  slander no one, never reject little offer from there big offer wiil surface.


   Chief Sunny Kampala

‘My musical career in the next five years, I believe, God promised me something am expecting it. God mercies will keep us alive till them. I believe in Progress.

‘My advice to all my fans, I believe to have more fans, stick to good deeds Let people know you for whom you are, dont deceive, be generous, dont pretend, dont be an enemy of progress God will surely help you’.

Sunny Kampala has gone world wide in his musical career to promote African highlife music. He has a vast fan base.


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