Mr Omo Irabor celebrates his 62nd birthday glamorously in Surulere, Lagos.

Mr Omo Irabor is a noble person, philanthropist based abroad in the US celebrated his 62nd birthday in a grand style on Sunday 30th March, 2024, in Surulere area of Lagos State, though his birthday fell on Saturday 29th. His family, relatives, well-wishers, friends and associates throng together to celebrate him on his glorious birthday celebration.

Mr Omo Irabor, celebrant.


OMO, popularly known by people is a sociable, caring, loving, cheerful giver and companionable, because of his affable nature, large number of people attended his birthday. He is truly a jolly good fellow, who gets along pretty well with others.

Omo, in a brief interview with the journalists who attended his birthday ceremony, said ,

“Am happy today as i celebrate my 62nd birthday am glad and grateful to God for keeping me alive today. This gathering is not the first, i have been celebrating my birthday every year as i always come to Nigeria. Actually, is a way of uniting my family, relatives, childhood friends well-wishers together to rejoice and celebrate with me especially at Easter.

“My candid advise to the youths to remain calm and obey their elders, joining bad gangs is not the solution to their problems. People want to ‘JAPA’ can do so if they have their appropriate documents without that they shouldn’t dare it. America is not easy even, Nigeria is somehow better, if you have anything reasonable doing in Nigeria i will advise you to stay behind and be productive and you will excel in whatever you do.

“America isn’t my home, have been there for many years, I will back home soon to settle down.

“Everything I have done to help the needy, old, young people, and underprivileged ones in my community I did it underground I don’t publicised it. Am not a politician, i dont intend to join politics and I dont have any Political Ambition.

“For those who attended my birthday party, I thank each and everyone, am happy with you all for making out time to attend my  birthday, and making it a memorable day, may God Almighty continue to bless and protect you all. I wish to see you all in my next birthday, next year by God’s grace”.


Also in an interview with his childhood best friend, Mr Emmanuel Akpan who spoke about the celebrant, Mr Omo Irabor, he said,

“Omo has a good heart right from the time when they were growing up , he gave me food and money when I had nothing, he has this nature of giving when he was a young boy and we stuck together through thick and thin when we were living in US.

“Omo is a good, true and a reliable friend, a friend who can stand with you in times of problems, am celebrating a real friend. Happy Birthday long life and prosperity.

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