F-SWAT/FCIID Arrest Suspected Ritualists for Illegal Possession Of Human Parts.

The operatives of the F-SWAT/FCIID, Adeniji Adele Annex Lagos, has arraigned, Bolaji Suleiman M, 30, Rasaq Ekundayo M, 29, Ahmed Owotutu M, 32 and Adesanya Taofeek M, 50 before the Magistrate Court of Isabo Abeokuta, Magistrate SS Shotayo, on the15th of March for unlawful Conspiracy to commit felony, attempted murder, Unlawful Possession of human parts, skulls. Exhibits found in their possessions are human flesh, human teeth and human hair.

               Suspected Ritualists

Police prosecutor, Inspector M Evelyn told the court that the defendants committed these crimes on the 20th of January 2024, when a reliable source revealed that one Bolaji M and accomplices are members of serial notorious suspected murderers and ritualists terrorizing the residents of Itori and its neighbouring towns in Ogun state.

The intelligence team swung into action travelled to Ogun State on the 30th of January 2024, the suspects namely, Bolaji Suleiman, and Rasaq Ekundayo were arrested and according to their statements, they confessed to the crime of buying Human parts from one Owotutu.


            Suspected Ritualist

Subsequently, upon their arrest and confession, on 2nd- 8th of February,2024, one Ahmed Owotutu and Toafeek Adesanya were also arrested and confessed to the crime. Ahmed Owotutu ( AKA Oyo) equally confessed to have bought the human parts from Seun.Search warrants were executed in the house and premises of Bolaji Suleiman and Rasaq Ekundayo, where criminal charms were recovered.

              Suspected Ritualists

Another search was extended to the house and premises of Ahmed  Owotutu, where suspected bones, teeth and flesh were recovered. Akinsanya Taofeek confessed that he led the operatives to Illugun Area of Abeokuta,  Ogun State, where he claimed that his late uncle, baba Gbedu grave was dug and removed the suspected human parts. The scene was visited but there was no sign that the grave was dug in the compound. He later confessed that the suspected human parts was bought from Seun.


               Suspected Ritualist

Accordingly, the defendants offences contravene are punishable under section 324 of criminal code of Ogun State of Nigeria 2006. Unlawfully kill some yet to identify person for ritual, charms purposes and thereby commited an offence contrary to section 316 and punishable under under section 319(1) of the criminal code of Ogun State of Nigeria 2006.

Possession of human parts head, skull for the purpose of making charms thereby commited an offence under section 329 (1)(2)(3) of the  criminal code of Ogun State Nigria 2006. Conspiracy among yourself to commit murder someone for ritual and thereby commited an offence punishable under section 516 of criminal code of Ogun state of Nigeria 2006.

Further Investigation is on going to arrest other criminal suspects. However, the suspects were remanded in prison for 60 days.

Magistrate SS Shotayo adjourned the case till 15th of May 2024.

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