Senior Pastor and Leader of The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Pastor Evelyn Joshua has charged African leaders to work together in Unity of purpose and reposition themselves in order to realise the full potentials and dignity of the Continent.

Evelyn Joshua made this call at the recently concluded two-day crusade organised by SCOAN held at the 70,000 capacity Kesarani Moi International Stadium in Nairobi, Kenya.

Speaking at the closing of the crusade which was attended by various personalities and people from different walks of life including leaders of governments from across many African Countries, Pastor Joshua stated that Africa was a beautiful continent, well endowed by God and only if its leaders could understand the enormous grace of God for the continent by working together in love and unity of purpose, the world would watch Africa rise beyond our imaginations.

“God has destined the continent for a great and unique purpose in Creation and the time for the continent to rise is ripe. Our leaders must rise and break all the shackles that fetter the continent down above all myopic interests” she said.

Evelyn Joshua who was visibly speaking under the influence of Holy Spirit in which several people were falling under the anointing with plethoras and cacophonies of manifestations, healings and Deliverances taking place simultaneously challenged the current leaders in the continent to know that they were not in power now by accident, stating: “you are there in God’s agenda at this time to reposition the continent for a better humanity and you must not fail”.

She urged them to come together in a better form and work in unity, peace, and progress as the only way to curb all the myriad of problems confronting the continent . “Be each other’s keeper. Let us be strong in brotherhood.

This is a beautiful continent that God has given unto us and if we unite in peace and love, the world will watch Africa rise. The world will watch us rise, all to the glory of God” she further stated.

Pastor Evelyn Joshua, the widow of the world renowned Preacher, philanthropist God’s General and Tele-Evangelist, Prophet T.B Joshua, is also the International Co-ordinator of Emmanuel Global Network (EmmanuelTV), the charity arm of the Church which has provided relief worth several millions of dollars in cash, food items, schools, hospital equipment etc to the needy and the less privileged all across the world, including disaster areas, such as Europe, America, middle East, many African Countries such as Zambia, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria.

She prayed for the African leaders that God would strengthen for enormous tasks ahead for beauty of the continent and glory of God.

Some of the dignitaries at the iconic Crusade included Honourable Florence Mutua, a Kenyan parliamentarian, Antoinette Kupulu, a Minister of government from DRC, Evelyn Epuyo, wife of Vice President, RT. Honourable Kasiele Lumumba Justine, Minister of the office of Ugandan Prime Minister,; Hon Martin Moshisho, a Kenyan Deputy Governor and Mrs Julianah Mukala wife of an Ambassador among many other dignitaries.


By Dare Adejumo

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