Senegalese President, Macky Sall Withdraws Third Term Bid, as Primate Ayodele prophesied.

President Macky Sall of senegal has declared that he will not contest for a third term in next year’s election, due to uncertainty over his political future that helped fuel deadly opposition protests last month.


His sudden announcement to end his plans to contest for a third term was as a result of unrest and political tension in the country. He was adamant, while citing the Constitution as a backing for him to embark on his decision to run for a third term.

In a speech shared live on his official Facebook page, Sall stated on Monday that Senegal’s constitution permits his candidacy despite been elected to a second term in 2019.

A Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah, Ayodele already, since January 2023 has been warning President Macky Sall not to embark on his ambition to run for a third term because it will lead to problems and unrest in the country.

The African prophet in a publication released In January explained that the president will face a tough time as there will be counter-political problems for him. He mentioned that there will be a huge resistance against his ambition.

According to his prophecies:

‘’In Senegal, the president will face a very tough election time, they will want to create problems and counter political problems for him. He will want to cease the opposition and there will be a huge protest against him. There will be great confusion in his government, they will indict his government. He must re-strategize and put his government in order.’’ (

Again in April, Primate Ayodele said  Macky Sall’s attempt to contest for a third term will be disgraceful. He alerted him of a coalition that will unseat him if he tries to contest the election as planned. He foretold defeat for him at the polls if he proceeds with his third-term ambition.

He said, ‘’The president of Senegal, Macky Sall, contesting for a third term will be disgraceful. If the opposition parties form a coalition against him, they will win the election. With a coalition, it will be difficult for him to get it.’’ (

Again, in his newly released prophecy book titled ‘Warnings To The Nations, Primate Ayodele wrote on Page 97 of the book that there will be political problems in the country. He noted that the president will take wrong steps that will affect the growth of the country.

He stated that there will be a series of challenges and situations that will lead to blood baths and political tension. He further said that his third-term ambition, people will gang up against his political plans.

These were his words

‘’SENEGAL: The country will have a lot of political problems that they will tackle. The president will take the wrong steps. So many things will affect the growth of the country. The president needs to do a lot so that he will not get many things wrong. The country will face a series of challenges and must pray against blood baths and political tension.

The president will sign a contentious bill into law that will not be meaningful. Let the country pray not to lose a prominent person. Let the country pray against security challenges. The president will face charges of crimes against humanity and Human Rights abuses. People will protest against his candidature in case he wants to run for the Presidency for the third term. People will gang up against his political plans.’’

In view of Primate Ayodele’s frequent warnings to President Macky Sall, one can boldly say that they have been fulfilled, according to Senegal’s political scene. The prophecies can be best described as an exactness of the future, that has occurred.

President Macky Sall’s withdrawal from his much-publicized third-term agenda has further claimed that Primate Ayodele’s status as a world wide prophet. Prophet Ayodele has greatly impacted Africa with his prophetic excellence, even in the midst of critics, the fulfillment of his prophecies continues to abound.

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