The President General, Igbo Speaking Community in Lagos, Chief Dr. Sunday Udeh, has crowned Chief Nicholas Emenike Njoku (Eziokwubundu) as the Eze Ndigbo of Aigbaka, Ejigbo LCDA of Lagos State.

The coronation ceremony took place in his Palace and done in grace, glamour and excellence, was attended by some personalities in the society, Eze Ndigbo in Lagos, leaders and members of Igbo Speaking Community, and some government representatives.

 Pictures of the coronation.

Chief Nicholas Emenike Njoku breaking kolanut as is in Igbo culture and tradition – as a sign of welcoming guests to your house.
Eze Emenike Njoku and his Lolo before the coronation
Behold the latest Eze Igbo and his wife Lolo .
Elder Okeke blessing and anointing the crown for spiritual efficacy and strength.
Eze Njoku coronating his Onowu, Chief Richard Chukwuedozie Imah, Onowu Eziokwubundu, Agunese Omile
Eze Nicholas crowned his wife Lolo.
The President General, Igbo Speaking Community, Chief Dr. Sunday Udeh, Onwa, crowning Eze Nicholas Emenike Njoku (Eziokwubundu) as Eze Igbo of Aigbaka Ejigbo LCDA, Lagos.
Chief H. O. Nwaode (Ugwumba), Deputy President General of Igbo Speaking Community, standing, presents drinks from the host Eze Njoku to PG, Igbo Speaking, Chief Dr. Sunday Udeh, sitting, while Secretary General, Engr. Chuks Odumegwu .
The PG, Igbo Speaking Community, Chief Dr Sunday Udeh receives kolanut from the hand of Spiritual leader, Elder Okeke as Chief Obinna Ugwu, Chairman of all chairmen.
Elder Akomas presents kolanut to PG, Igbo Speaking Community, Chief Dr. Sunday Udeh
Palace chiefs of Aigbaka Kingdom performing kolanut presentation.
Eze Igbo of Aigbaka, Eze Nicholas Njoku (Eziokwubundu) in a warm handshake (in Igbo tradition) with Eze Dr. Jossy Egwuatu (Onyeozioma) of Surulere, Lagos.

His Royal Highness Nicholas admonishes other traditional title rulers to fear God, always remember that all  power and kinship belongs to God almighty, it can never be contested .

Eze Nicholas Njoku said this on Friday while fielding questions from journalists after his coronation ceremony at his palace noted that chieftaincy comes with greater responsibility which goes beyond the regalia and other paraphernalia of office, adding that, for any title holder to do well, God must be involved at all times.

Chief Njoku who is also known as the Eze Ohazuru Mee nke mbu n’ Ejigbo, Lagos state disclosed that he was not prepared for the enormous responsibility the new title would place on him as a man, noting that he would always look up to God for wisdom and direction.

According to him, “I am happy and at the same time sad. I am sad because it is going to place more responsibility on me, more tasks and bigger challenges I have not seen or dreamt about. I cannot be prepared because I don’t know tomorrow but with God, I’m prepared. I believe in God, that he will assist me. But if I tell you that I’m prepared, I’m a liar. I’m not prepared because I don’t know what will happen in the next one minute. I’m only asking for God’s grace, mercy and to be with me-one with His wisdom, two His protection and three to guide my lips.”

Asking him about his future plans, he said, “My plan is to go back to God to tell Him that I have accepted the responsibility He has given to me. You see, in every situation in life, God is saying something, in every situation, God has something to say.

He can use a bad situation to slow you down and to prepare you for the challenges ahead, He can use a bad situation to slow you down to prepare you for the greater thing you are asking for. He can also use a good situation to test you to see if you will misbehave.”

Position comes with greater challenges. When you are uplifted, you are to be wiser and smarter to know if you are to be pulled down from it or not. From all people around me have been saying to me, I believe God is involved. It is now my responsibility to say ‘God I have accepted the responsibility, prove to me that you are involved and give me wisdom’. If you work with knowledge, you will end up half way but if you work with wisdom, you are not limited. Knowledge comes from man but wisdom comes from God.

You can be university graduate and yet work under a man who is not educated but has the wisdom of God.”

On what to be expected from him, High Chief Njoku who is also an Ambassador of the United Nations said, “What you should expect from me is to see the manifestation  of God through me. God told Saul in 1 Samuel 15 verse I, I have made you King over my people and in 1 Samuel 15 verse 11, He told Saul again I regret making you king over my people.

So, I need to be very careful. God can uplift you and can also bring you down if you misbehave. If you remember King Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible, you should know that kingship is from God. It is only the stupid idiot as I call them that drag kingship. You don’t need to drag it, God appoints leaders to lead His people. He wants those who are capable to lead His people. If you use money to buy it, you are leading yourself and you are going to end up in shame and don’t forget that the wrath of God is between you and your forth generations.

“So I need to recompose myself, prepare my heart and get closer to God to know when He is talking and to know that my action is His action and that I’m His mouthpiece to bring peace and unity among His people. If I misbehave, the wrath of God will not be upon those who came today to put the cap on my head. So I must be careful.

“I need to go back to God. Kingship is not the clothes you put on, kingship is not the level of people that have come around you, my king came from the East just like many other people came from different places, it is beyond that. In fact, that is just the Genesis. It is beyond the yam and the fowl you eat. It is beyond the clothes you put on.

. It is a responsibility; are you with God, is God with you? Are you going to speak the truth? Are you going to stand for God or are you going to stand for yourself? I have told them before now, I’m a United Nations.” Ambassador and I would like to be called Ambassador Nicholas Emenike Njoku, if it pleases you. If you put king, it’s ok! And if you don’t, there’s no problem!

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