Olufelo Family Paid last respect to their Mother, Late Mrs Josephine Olufelo, Promises To Keep Her Legacies of Godliness, intergrity, honesty and caring for people.

 What could be better described as a celebration of life, as the entire family, children, grandchildren and friends of Olufelo gathered on Friday, 3rd of December 2021 at the Cathedral Church of St. Jude, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Diocese of Lagos Mainland, Ebute-Meta to pay their last respect to their. Mother, late Mrs. Josephine Adekunbi Olufelo who died at the age of 88 years

Mama’s children at the service of songs at the Cathedral church, st Jude, Ebute-meta.

At the service of songs in her honour at the church on Thursday, the Dean, Ven. Feyi Ojelabi described her as a good and faithful Christian mother who touched many lives with her love and kindness, she equally dedicated her life to worshipping God.

The clergyman described late Mrs. Josephine Olufelo as a lovable woman with great personality.

Also, in his sermon titled ‘What will you be remembered for when you are gone?’, the clergyman charged Christians to re-appraise their lives, noting that being a Christian goes beyond wearing of a big emblem or claiming membership of a particular religion.


In his words, “When people are not around, what do you do? The money that’s supposed to go round, you are the only one spending it on yourself? God sees every of our actions both in secret and in the open and we shall give account of it all. Touch lives with your life and actions. Examine your life to know if you are still in the faith and on the right track.

“Today, it’s the turn of Mrs. Josephine, no one knows whose turn it will be next and that is the reason you should examine your lives always. Don’t be too sure of tomorrow because you may not see it. Remember, when death comes, your security network will be useless.

“Jesus is the best answer. Jesus is all you need. Ask yourself today, am I still in the Lord? Pray that in the last day, you shall be rapturable.”

Quoting from the 11 Corinthians, chapter 5 verse 10 which says, ” For we must all stand before Christ to be judged. We will each receive whatever we deserve for the good or evil we have done in this earthly body.”

Many spoke about Mama’s kindness, sense of devotion to the things of God and charity to humanity. Among them is Mr. Adetunji Dada who described her as a loving and cheerful giver being a member of the Christian Charity Band who virtually financed all the activities of the group without grudging. He further disclosed that Mama was always eager to assist the youths and always encouraged them to be faithful in serving God.

Others also testified that mama was a faithful wife who supported her husband, a caring mother to her children and a devoted worshipper in her life time.

Mother Josephine Olufelo died on the 18th September, 2021 after a brief illness. Her watchword was that a trained child is better than riches and as such devoted her time and resources, supporting her husband in training their children.

She was a member of the Cathedral of St. Jude, Ebute-Meta and belonged to the women Bible class, women Guild and Matron of Christian charity band. She was a also special member of the harvest committee, mother of the day, grandmother of the day and great grandmother of the day at different occasions during the harvest service. Mama was a seamstress, an entrepreneur, school caterer and grocery shop operator.

She got married to Mr. Joseph Olufelo in Lagos on 29th December, 1951. She was described as the cheer leader, great motivator, encourager and generous who traveled far and wide.

The remains of Mrs. Josephine Olufelo was committed to mother earth on Friday at the Èbúté-Meta cementary amidst tears from the children, grand children, family and friends.

Speaking to the Editor of the Torch News Media, the first son, Mr. Oluwole Olufelo, said, “Although I knew all along that she was sick and as a Christian, to everything, there is a season, a time to be born and a time to die. I think it was time for her to die because she was falling sick off and on and going to hospitals. When I heard she had passed, my first reaction was, ‘glory be to God!’ She didn’t have to stay in the hospitals and we paying money every day. I think it was the ripe time for her to go and rest. She was 88 years.

“My mother was a kind woman and a faithful wife to her husband for 42 years, a strong advocate for her children, always admonishing us to excel. We thank God we took that path and we excelled in our various vocations and today, we are very grateful for the path she had led us.

“Whenever I called mama from US, she would not be asking me for money but would be praying for me. I can’t be calling her again. I will miss her prayers.

“We will uphold mama’s legacies of Godliness, honesty and integrity and caring for people. Mama cared for people as you heard in the church. We have always been together even though we have challenges somehow like all siblings from young age, we rival one another on one thing or the other. Nevertheless, we still come together when we have to come together. We still have to unite because we know that there’s strength in unity.”

On his part, Hon. Segun Olufelo, a chartered Quantity Surveyor and politician stated that his mother was born to the noble family of Akiinhanmi, very wealthy and that she was the second to the last baby but unfortunately her father died when she was just five years old.

Interestingly, the royalty still robbed on her up to her death because the Bible says blessed is the man that bequeaths inheritance for his children’s children, adding, “my mom is one of the beneficiaries of such Godly inheritance.

“My mother was very kind. I spent the last 90 days with her 24/7, she loved her children to a fault and loved her extended family too. I’m number three in the family and the second son. The family has to watch because mama spoke to us individually and collectively. She charged everyone with a role to play. She admonished us to stand united and to act together. She knows we could be heady but she told us that it’s not the way. Nobody will love me like my mom, I will definitely miss her.”

Also speaking about his mom, the last born of the family, Mr. Solomon Oluwagbemiga Oba said, “I love my mom to a fault because she was everything to me. Before she died, I told her, mom, I love you and if I have to come to this world again twenty times, I will still choose you as my mother. That was my last word to her when I knew the time has come.

“She is one person that wants to ensure that everything is in order. She was telling me, don’t worry, God will provide for you. My mom’s death is one ache that I cannot forget but I’m happy because she prepared me. It was not a shock or an impromptu thing. She had always prayed and when it was time, she informed us that the time was approaching and knowing whom she was and how she served God.

“On one occasion I came to Nigeria and over stayed and I jokingly told her I was broke, surprisingly the next two days when I called, she went in and gave me $400. I took the money and tears came out of my eyes. She was never stingy. Her words are embedded in my heart and it’s incumbent on me to uphold her legacies and pass them on to my children.”

One of the VIPs at the venue and friend of the family, Hon. Gomez

A cross section of the guests at the venue of the reception in Yaba, Lagos state.

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