Character Assassination: Chief Moyosore Aboderin reveals unethical conduct of Sidney Nwachukwu and Dr. Uzor Ngoladi over book ownership.

The authentic author of recently launched book titled “Democracy and untold story of June 12”  Chief Moyosore Abimbola Aboderin  has threatened to open up on the unethical conduct, falsehood and defamatory statement against him by the duo of Sydney Nwachukwu and Dr Uzor Ngoladi who are claiming ownership of the book.

In a press statement he personally signed and made available to the Torch News Media, Chief Moysore Aboderin affirmed that he did not at any point in time make any promise to the duo of Ngoladi and Nwachukwu over the book he personally owned the patent right as the authentic owner with original manuscript written by him since 1994.

The Lagos based business man also described the duo as blackmailers and crime syndicates, who should not be seen among respectable men in public, adding that Nwachukwu defrauded him of N120,000 being part of the proceeds from the book paid by Chief Solomon Ogbonna, the president, Ohaneze Ndigbo, Lagos state into his account. Also, Sidney Nwachukwu spent over one year in his Hotel in Ikeja and unable to pay, stressing that he would make sure he paid that money.

In his words, “I did not make any oral promises with Sidney Nwachukwu and Dr.Ngoladi over my book. There is nothing like (N100 million) hundred million naira pledged. During my book launch, N15 million was pledged but yet to be receive. I had already paid them for doing nothing. Both Sidney and Dr, Ngoladi are pathological liars, they went to Ubani to lie that I am not the authentic owner of the book.

Reacting to the series of online reports spearheaded by Uzor Ngoladi and Sidney Nwachukwu, Otunba Moyosore of Ibadanland regretted that those boys he fed and took care of in the past are now going behind to stab him on the back. Too bad!

“Read Sidney Nwachukwu and Dr,Ngoladi conversation and text messages with me few months ago through WhatsApp: on December ,2020 with evidences that I have been good to them:

Sidney Mazi-“Otunba good morning sir. Your book remains the authentic history of Democracy in Nigeria!! Wednesday,30 December, 2020. Similarly, Sidney Nwachukwu sent me another message January,01/01/2021 which read in part”:

SINCERE GRATITUDE-To my mentor, my role model, my older and younger friends, family members and my immediate family, I say a very profound and prosperous Happy new year sir. Not forgetting to say, a big thank you for the huge positive impact, you have had on me all through year,2020” Otunba”,in telling everyone how nice you are to me and my entire family always.

Dr, Ngoladi also sent me this in December- “Thanks for making my 2020 memorable. Have a joyous Christmas and prosperous New year.

“With these, I have enough evidences that I am not owing Dr. Ngoladi and Sidney Nwachukwu any pledge or promises.”

Releasing the finance transactions between Chief Abimbola Aboderin and the duo revealed that sidney and Ngoladi have received a lot of money from the Chief in cash for editing work on the book “The untold story of June 12”.

The Financial History  on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 (N20,000) Twenty thousand naira was sent via Gtworld, from Chief Abimbola  Abioderin’s account to Mr Nwachukwu’s  account with references.

Similarly, Nineteen thousand naira(N19,000) was to Mr Nwachukwu via Gtworld  by Chief Aboderin on Sunday, August 23,2020.

On Tuesday, August 25,2020, another One hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,000 was paid into Ifebuzor D. Ngoladi by Chief Aboderin.

On the same day, Chief paid another Twenty thousand naira (N20,000) to Mr Nwachukwu’s account making  a sum of One hundred and seventy naira in a day.

On September 11th, Chief Aboderin paid additional Fifty thousand naira (N50,000) to Dr. Ngoladi.

On Thursday, October 8,2020,  he paid another One hundred thousand naira (N100,000) into Mr. Nwachukwu from his E-Channel account.

In addition, he paid another One hundred and fifty thousand naira(N150,000) to Dr, Ngoladi via mobile Gtworld account on Wednesday on October 14,2020. On Monday, November 23,2020, he transferred twenty thousand naira(N20,000) to Nwachukwu’s account.

On Monday, December 7, Chief Aboderin transferred additional (N5,000) five thousand naira to Mr Nwachukwu via his Gtworld mobile account.

In the same manner, on Wednesday, December 9,2020, N50,000 was sent to Mr Nwachukwu to make all the total money sent to  Sidney and Dr,Ngoladi  Five hundred thousand, five hundred and seventy nine naira. (N500,579).

Chief Aboderin, is well known as a generous man also gave Dr Ngoladi and Mr Nwachukwu personal money amounting into thousands in cash which was not recorded as at that time.

He noticed that Mr Nwachukwu and Dr Ngoladi are dubious as well as ingrates, so he decided not to have any business with them any more.

Chief Aboderin had earlier warned Dr Ngoladi and Mr Nwachukwu to stop deforming his character in public, else they would be charged to court.

In his words, “Am so suprised that the duo can turn out like this, they seek for my help then, I showed them love and helped them, they payed me back with evil, the truth is bitter, but it must be told. It is always said that most Nigerians are not honest in their dealings with people who are honest to help them. Sometimes, these people take undue advantage of the people that helped them , they also bite the fingers that fed them such is the case of Sidney and Ngoladi.”

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