Security Agencies In Ondo State Strengthen Ties, Resolve To Work Together.

By Adetola Adunni & Clement Odum.

The soaring wave of rivalry among the different security agencies which often times result in open clash among them may be a thing of the past, at least, in Ondo state.

This was the resolution reached at a recent meeting organized by the Military, the Police, and other Paramilitary Public Relations Officers Forum led by Col. Kingsley Umoh, which held at the Officers Mess in Ondo state recently.

The Forum identified unhealthy rivalry amongst the various security agencies as one factor hampering smooth operations and intelligence gathering and dissemination of vital information.

Speaking at the event, Ondo state Commissioner of Police (CP), Undie Adie commended the forum for the wonderful initiative and expressed confidence that it would promote unity among them and advance the course of security in the state which would ultimately benefit residents of the state.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Administration(DCP) Akerede Joseph Olusola, Ondo State Police Command who represented the CP commended the organizers for the initiative and charged them to ensure it is sustained.

DCP Olusola, in a chat with our correspondent further said, “I am passionate and highly excited because this kind of body, this kind of forum which brings together all the security agencies in the state together will go a long way in bridging the gap and the rivalry among the military, the police and the other paramilitaries in the state.

“It will further enhance the synergy among the security agencies in the state. It will impact on our rank and file who always see rivalry as a big deal. We equally know that we can always reach out to other sister-security agencies through their public relation officers in case there is any negative complain against any security agency in the state. And I know it is going to boast the security apparatus in the state, the synergy among them and thereby eliminate all negative rivalry that has been there.”

Speaking further on how to ensure that the forum succeeds, DCP Olusola challenged members of the forum to ensure they meet regularly to review their operations and challenges collectively with the view to proffering solutions.

“Now the forum has just been inaugurated, one of the things members of this forum should adhere to is to ensure that they have meetings regularly and during the meetings, the people should tell us their experiences with other sister security agencies they came across and this will better their lots and enhance their productivity. This will make the security apparatus in the state very formidable,” he added.

He further expressed confidence that the forum would improve security of lives and property in the state.

His words, “There is no way it will not improve security in the state because having identified the problems, what will follow is the solution. With this kind of inauguration of this forum today, it will surely improve the security situation in the state because any time we are working, we will be working with one interest and unity and that we must not allow the personal interest of our various agencies to override this forum and the people of Ondo will be happy by the time they realize that all the sister security agencies are now working together.

“You don’t become egocentric, you don’t show superiority, you know we are now together fighting a common course, and that is to send a signal to criminals in the state to pack their bags and baggage and leave the state because it is no longer going to be easy for them with this kind of forum.”

He described the initiative as a laudable one that must be sustained.

“You heard what the Special Adviser to the governor on security said that the governor of Ondo state has embraced this body and that in a later date they would be called to a meeting and I believe in those meetings, the heads of the security apparatus in the state would be there too,” he stated.

Earlier in his contribution, the Senior Special Assistant to Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State on security matters, Mr Jimoh Dojumo described the forum as a timely noble project that would advance security in the state, stressing that it would also cement the relationship among sisters security agencies in the state.

Dojumo  assured the forum of the state governor’s support to ensure the initiative is sustained.
His words, “It’s a noble idea and we are happy. Like we have said, it will further bridge the gap among the sister agencies. Like we said there, there is unhealthy rivalry among some sister agencies. It’s a good development, it will cement the relationship among the forces and that will metamorphose into a robust security arrangement.

“The Governor will surely assist them. Like I assured them that after intimating the governor, he would definitely assist the forum. Just let me pass the message to the governor first.”

Responding to those opposed to the lunch of Amotekun, a local security platform which is to complement the conventional security agencies in the South western geo-political zone, , the Senior Special Assistant to Governor Akeredolu insisted that Amotekun would complement the activities of the conventional security agencies which currently appears to have been overwhelmed.

He further explained that the Amotekun was being misunderstood by those opposing its establishment, adding that their fears had been put to rest.

“It’s being ironed out at the level of the governors and the presidency. We need the operation of Amotekun here in Ondo state likewise the other South west states. So, we are ready. There is no problem with it,” he explained.

On the procedure for recruitment into the newly inaugurated regional security platform, Odoguyo explained that measures had been put in place to prevent pluralization.

“To prevent security pluralization, at least, we limit it to the hunters. We want to limit it to the OPC, the Agbekowas and the hunters, that is where we are limiting it for now. The recruitment process is about to start now.
“We are also making sure that we recruit people with integrity and character and to this end, we are going to involve traditional rulers, local government chairmen and opinion leaders from the various communities.

“We have worked out all the modalities on how we are going to control them and that is why we are involving all the Obas, community leaders, the local government chairmen.

They must guarantee you that you are somebody of good character, somebody who can be controlled and we must check your record to ensure that you do not have a criminal record before you are recruited.
“And we must ensure that you do not use it for any political mobilization, that you don’t use it to claim any economic right, your duty is to fight crime. So there is no fear of any diversion. There’s not going to be any abuses.”

The Senior Special Assistant to Governor Akeredolu assured that the original motive behind the establishment of Amotekun would not be diverted for political or economic gains
His words, “Yes, people may think that way but the concept of Amotekun is clear, to complement the existing security structure, they are not out to compete and they are not laws unto themselves and they are going to work under the supervision of security forces. The only area is that they are going to spread into the bush where the police does not have the manpower to cover and there will be a synergy between them and the police in the form of intelligence gathering.

“About training, they will be trained by the police and other ex-service men to train them to ensure that they work in tandem with the laws. People should support Amotekun, it is a project that is going to help in reducing crimes and criminality. People should not be scare, it is not going to be used for any political, religious or ethnic gains.”

He advised the organizers to brace up the more while assuring them of the governor’s support, “l will ensure that they meet with the governor and that the governor will support them.”
The event was attended by traditional rulers and other important dignitaries in the state.

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