UK Report On AstraZeneca Vaccine killed 275 people, Sends Message Of Caution To Nigeria, Others.

At least 24 million people have received a jab of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine in the United Kingdom (UK) but a report by its government says 275 persons died from adverse effect of the inoculation.


The report was compiled by the Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care in the United Kingdom.


Data for the report were received between January 4 – February 28, 2021 and up until the 9th of March when its analysis for the report was finalized.



The UK report showed that the AstraZeneca vaccine had incited 28 adverse reactions or disorder in those who received it, including 1,098 cases of blood disorder, 1,922 cases of Cardiac disorder; 1,217 cases of ear disorder; 2,150 cases of eye disorder; 22,336 cases of Gastrointestinal disorder and 3,839 cases of other infections were reported.



Also, the UK collated 24,631 cases of Muscle-tissue disorder; 43,951 cases of Nervous system disorder, 5,323 cases of Respiratory disorder, 10,507 cases of Skin disorder; 3,554 cases of Psychiatric disorder and 54,180 cases of Vascular disorder.



Recipients of the vaccine also reported 16 cases of congenital disorder; 36 cases of endocrine disorder; 29 cases of hepatic disorder; 17 cases of liver disorder; 542 cases of Immune system disorder and 563 cases of Rena/ urinal disorder.



Other discoveries include 18 cases of Neoplasms; 20 cases in pregnancy conditions; 297 cases of Reproductive and Breast Disorder; 151 cases of Medical and Surgical Procedures and 71,732 cases of General Disorders, among others.



The controversy surrounding the AstraZeneca vaccine has continued to grow after a 45-year-old woman recipient died in Austria due to blood clotting. Over 13 countries have now suspended its use, including South Africa.



Although the manufacturers had doused fear about the vaccine by saying the Austria death was not due to the vaccination, but more countries and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have called for a review of the vaccine.




However, the Nigerian Government has waved concern of the population by saying it did not receive its vaccine from the suspected batch that may have caused the blood clot in Austria.



Also, the National Primary Health Care Development Centre (NPHCDA), disclosed that about 8,000 persons have received a single dose of the vaccine across the country.


The NPHCDA said it had not received any adverse reaction of significance since the official rollout of the AstraZeneca vaccine on March 5.


But the health workers who had received the vaccine complained of mild muscle pain, mild fever, dizziness and temperature which lasted about 2 -3 hours.

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