End of year prophecies: I see calamities — Prophet Ayodele declares.

Spiritual Church, Lagos, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, has admonished Nigerians to brace up  prayerfully ahead of the challenges in the New Year as he released new revelations for the year 2021.

Famous for his multi-sectorial prophetic revelations, Primate Ayodele foretold that although the New Year would be better than the outgoing year, he urged Nigerians to earnestly pray for the nation as he revealed that the first quarter of the year would be very tough for the nation.

The man of God said: “The year 2021 is going to be a very tough year particularly at the beginning, the first three months. The nation’s economy is not going to take proper shape until around September.

The ravaging COVID-19 will still continue and necessitate the country to shut down. President Buhari must be careful. I can’t see the president have firm grip on his government because the cabal has fully taken over.

Terrorists have taken over his government and they are the same set of people corrupting this government, thereby rendering him confused about governance. That is what the Lord has said to me.”

The popular seer who predicted the reelection of Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo, Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo and the famous victory of Joe Biden in the United States, among several others, in the outgoing year, said the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, would emerge victorious at the Okigwe zone election.

His words: “Forget about zoning either in APC or in PDP. The Okigwe zone is going to PDP unless it is rigged. Hope Uzodimma should be very careful because he can receive a shocker, the Supreme Court will remove him if the case is not mismanaged.

On Igbo Presidency in 2023, Ayodele foretold that the North would retain the coveted seat in 2023.

 “A northerner will still come back as President. The North will not take it easy for any tribe to take over from Buhari. Igbo Presidency will not work out because they will betray themselves. And this will cause problems in 2023 more than Nigeria had experienced in the past.

There will be a lot of efforts to change so many things, but it will not work out. Nigeria should either go back to true federalism or risk break up. So the country needs a lot of prayers.

“Tinubu’s presidential ambition will be rubbished. Those who may come out to contest include Tambuwal, Saraki, Fayemi and Ameachi. Tinubu should not try it. Tinubu’s ambition will be rubbished and he will be grounded. He would have been at a vantage position, but there is something that will not make it to work.

“The nation’s economy is still shaky. CBN has a lot to do about the economy and CBN should take control of the situation now. The economy will still face many more challenges I see an indictment paper coming out from NNPC,” he revealed.

In a 27-page revelations, Ayodele foretold that neither the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, nor the opposition PDP would yield to zoning arrangement.  “There will be hidden agenda that will work against zoning of offices. The zoning will not be realistic and apart from this, there will be so many arguments against zoning and that is how the presidency will elude the Igbos in 2023”, he foretold.

On upcoming elections in states, he said: “The Anambra Election in 2021 will be very tough; there will be a lot of tension. The major contestants will be from PDP and APGA. There will be internal wranglings that will rock APGA. They will want to confuse the governor, if the governor does not produce a good candidate and settle the factions in the party. Any candidate that he supports will be removed at the Supreme Court.

The PDP stands a very clear chance, if only they put their house in order. The only way APC can win is to ensure that APGA and PDP are not settled. APC should go and work as a team. The APC will use their weaknesses to win. There will be a lot of ways that amount to different riggings in the election.

“In Osun, except the opposition gets a candidate who can unseat Oyetola, I do not see anyone unseating him. APC must pray not to lose any prominent person. The government may be bereaved.

“Ekiti, the only way APC can retain the seat is to find a candidate within, otherwise PDP will take over. Many big candidates will be disappointed in Ekiti State.”

On insurgency, the revered seer said that the attitude of top hierarchy of Buhari-led administration remains the bane of the insurgency war.

“They have turned the Boko Haram matter to a flourishing business. Military can arrest Boko Haram, but both the military and the government are beginning to be interested in Boko Haram’s negotiation. Government has paid large sums of money as ransom to the jihadists.

I’m seeing so many things surroundings Boko Haram, only God can save us. Shekau’ days are numbered which is the reason all these kidnapping, Fulani herdsmen and Miyetti Allah association members are categorized as a terrorist group because they are giving the people problems, they harm and inflict injuries on the innocents. I foresee that very soon they will see the anger of God and those in government who have caused people a lot of untold hardship. The government and the security agents know the truth, but they can’t come out and tell the truth to the world. There will be so many leakages about all these irregular acts.”

On banditry, Ayodele has this to say: “I foresee that bandits will still kidnap some children and kill some youths. Let’s pray against bird flu that will kill a lot of fowls. A governor’s convoy will be attacked by bandits. A governor will escape an assassination attack.

I foresee a major attack in Abuja. Armed bandits will attack churches and will kidnap church leaders and there will be political assassination.”

On the ravaging COVID-19, Ayodele revealed that,  “In 2021, I foresee that Coronavirus is still going to affect so many people in Africa and the European nations despite the vaccine. The vaccine will work effectively and there will be more vaccines that will curb the infection. Coronavirus will spread more at the later part of the year, but it will start subsiding from the month of August.”

On international scene, he predicted that in the United States , “Joe Biden government will make peace with other countries to bring success and happiness. He will reform so many things in America. Some countries that are having issues with America will come up with different opportunities for stability.

“Lets us pray against plane crash or any plane crash-landing. Let us rebuke a situation where the airplane will over shoot its runway. Let’s pray against a jet crash or helicopter crash landing. Let’s pray against sea wreckage like boats capsizing or attacks on any ship.

“I foresee that some crude oil carrying vessels will be hijacked in the international waters. There will be train derailment or train crash. Apart from this, in Africa there will be a military threat. Africa will lose a prominent person. Let’s pray against the death of a prominent Islamic scholar. Let’s pray against ethnic crises, and unexpected killings. Let’s pray against earth tremors and earthquakes.”


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