A Sales operator Olusesi Folashade was battered on Monday 26th of May 2020, by one Amodu also known as scatter in Apata street, agege ,area of Lagos State Southwest Nigeria.

According to our reports Olusesi Folashade was attacked, where she does business of POS money transfer , she lamented that she never imagine she could be this brutalised because of a minor scuffle between the two parties.

Immediately , she was rushed to dopemu police station where her case was incidented and as a result of much bleeding from her head she was giving a police request form for medical treatment.

After she was treated she went back to the station, and was asked to go home and relax , to come the station the next day to lead the police to the suspect house but on getting to the house the suspect has escaped before getting to the house .

The suspect’s elder brothers pleaded with the police and offer her money according to the complainant , she was advice to call them whenever she sighted the suspect .

Folashade, claimed she called the IPO each time she saw the suspect, but the IPO couldn’t show up as he has promised to arrest the suspect which gives the suspect the ego to continue bullying her, after she had narrated her ordeal .

She contacted Human Right activist who wrote a petition to the area commander area ‘G’. Where the Officer from the admin section said he will not receive the petition if money is not attached to it.

According to the Human Right Activist, from the CDHR,  identified as WiseOne said, “But to my surprise the comrade I sent to Area ‘G’ informed me that the officers at the admin section told him categorically that they can not receive any petition if he did not offer them money and all plea to at least read and see the seriousness of the matter fell on deaf hears of the officers and they did not receive the petition.

” I’m calling on their Superior to please come to this poor lady’s rescue because she’s always calling to report that the same guy has continue to be harassing her every now and then, because the famy of the suspect are rich and are know to always bully people in there neighborhood.

“I brought this message to the notice of the area commander area ‘G’ and he ignored it please,”

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