Lagos state taskforce impounds 134 illegal commercial motorcycles along CMS, Marina, Apongbon and Yaba.

Lagos state environmental sanitation  and special Offences Agency ( Task-force ) impounded illegal commercial motorcycles playing restricted routes along CMS, Marina, Apongbon and Yaba including an ORide motorcycle for driving against traffic in order to restore sanity to Lagos roads and rid the state of defiant motorcyclists.



The chairman of the Agency, CSP Olayinka Egbeyemi disclosed this today while parading 134 motorcycles impounded  for flouting traffic regulations and riding along restricted routes at CMS,Marina,Apongbon and Yaba.



Egbeyemi stated the Agency  was compelled to embark on the clampdown of motorcycles due to the numerous complaints that reached him about the illegal activities of the motorcyclists and the rate at which they ride carelessly, thereby  putting lives of motorists  and pedestrians in danger.




Lagos taskforce boss disclosed that the clampdown would stretch down to all axis of Victoria  island, Ajah,Lekki to put a check to illegal operations and plying of restricted routes on  that axis. He further commented that the route the motorcyclists are restricted in accordance with the Lagos Traffic  Laws  which states that every motorcycle operator must wear crash helmets, be above 18 years , not ride on kerb/ median/ road setbacks,  avoid restricted  routes,  not carry more than one passenger/Pregnant women/Adult with baby/Child  below 12 years, not install any musical gadgets,  must  wear an apron,  not operate beyond 10pm, operate with a rider’s  permit and have their motorcycles registered with  Government.


He harped on the  recklessness of the ORide motorcyclists who are gradually  becoming  a problem on our roads,  driving against  traffic,  riding on fly over and not minding the causalities that may occur. Egbeyemi admonished them to adhere to Lagos Traffic Rules if not the Agency would be on them.


The taskforce chairman expressed the readiness of the Agency to make sure that the  Lagos  Traffic Regulations  are adhered  to in all areas  of the state by all commercial motorcycle  operators and ensure that the safety of pedestrians  are not jettisoned by defiant riders.





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