Segun Adewale takes over PDP party secretariat claims leadership.

Some members of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) pass vote of confidence on Hon. Segun Adewale on April 16th at the party  secretariat Shogunle . According to him , his aim of taking  the leadership  is to strengthen the party  ahead of 2023.The members decided to quit  what is described  as total influence of chief  olabode George  a former deputy vice  national chairman of the party.

The chieftain was totally disappointed  that the party  couldn’t produce any senatorial seat since 1999.

  • According to  him, he emerged as the state chairman during  the reign of the then national chairman of the party in 2016 to oversee the affairs  of the party  for 4yrs which will ordinarily be terminated  in 2021.” I stepped aside when there were some issues  within  the party,  which doesn’t amount to my resignation  as the chairman. Also, he added  that chief Olabode George is against the constitution section 46_48 unilaterally picked an acting chairman Dr Adegbola Dominic, our  constitution  recognises  state Executive Committee  or Congress as the only means  of filling any vacant  positions or electing  state  officers not  by fiat as been  carried  out by chief  Olabode George  and his cohorts.
  • “Adegbola Dominic instead  of working  to unite the party, he appointed  new chairmen  in all the local  government as against  the authentic chairmen recognised by the party, both of them  led our party to labour  party during the local government election then achieved nothing . They worked  against the party  because the election  funds were not given them
  • “We must  all wake up from  our slumber  and put on our thinking  caps, the era of senseless  fighting  or thuggery  should  be over and we need to  think,  build and rebuild  our party  before 2023, we would  take  over Alausa a, win Senate  seats,  house of representatives in 2023
  • It is not negotiable PDP will  take over Lagos state in the next  election, he promised.

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